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Ancient Egypt : Karomama


 Ancient Egypt : Karomama

        In Ancient Egypt doesn't have a Venus but they has more female in artwork That I choose statue of Karomama, the Divine Andoratrice of Amun in third intermediate period, 22nd dynasty, 945-715 BC. Karomama is Great Gods wife of Amun or called high priestess of Amun and she depicted in a walking pose, shaking sistrums (now missing). She was a Divine Adoratrice, a virgin and earthly spouse of the god Amun, who was worshiped at Karnak. She held the status of a queen, and is portrayed in a robe encircled by vulture wings. A tall crown once fitted into the round headdress adorned with a uranus. Actually she was the granddaughter of King Osorkan high priestess of Amun that's one of the beautiful Egyptian statues.
        Firstly, proportion of sculpture has beautiful configuration of female. She is height 59.5cm, width 35cm and diameter 12.5cm. The slender proportions of figure embody a charming femininity. The face, however, has a severe expression, with inlaid eyes, aquiline noise, and small, delicately shaped mouth. Karomama wears a long pleated dress and  a short Nubian style wig with a uranus on her brow. Her modius is by fairly large vulture whose out stretched wings seem to protect a crowned cobra. A tall crown once fitted into the round headdress adorned with a uranus. A uranus must have decorated the front of wig but  was broken off. Her hand are held  out in front of her and it looks as though they would have grasped something . She wears an elaborate dress which is made to resemble wings encircling her body. This statue was dedicated by this exceptional bronze object with multiple inlays.     

        Secondary, similarity and contrast. She has walking composition on inscription hieroglyphics because she once carried in her hands would have immediately identified her as a priestess rather than princess.The main body of this statue was cast in bronze and subsequently with a thin sheathing of bronze, which was then exquisitely engraved with patterns inlaid with gold, silver, and electrum. Her color is red, green, gold and black. These created colourful effects, although some are now missing. Gold leaf was also used to highlight different sections of the body, such as the wig with finely incise curls. A magnificent eight-tiered collar remains; it includes alternating rows of geometric and plant designs: rosettes, lotus petals, checkerboards, and spirals. The alloys used for the different inlets created nuances and various surface patina, which are no longer visible, given the condition of the work. On her body has inlay with line and includes alternating rows of geometric and plant designs pattern with the bird wings surround her cloth. That looks she has power in tradition and doctrine. So they had thought in design, material, shape and texture like female in human scale more than in the past and this period just have a cloth on artwork and consider to cumulative beauty.

        Lastly, emphasis in a statue of Karomama held the status of a queen, and is portrayed in a robe encircled by vulture wings or drawing of the bird wings that surround her and accentuate the fullness of her figure. A tall crown once fitted into the round headdress adorned with a uranus. That has shown they believe to respect to star and belief in religion that they need to make the sculpture to endure so they indicated and noted their culture and tradition in sculpture design. This sculpture is famous for the sophisticated production technique used. The statue was created with the lost-wax bronze casting process and features complicated metal inlays, various copper alloys gold, and silver. These have an affect on statue to created colorful effects, although some part are now missing and damage by over time. Concisely in this period, their design have more details like a female in human scale especially tracery on her head and body in line.They began to made statue within action like this sculpture has standing composition like pacing and holding something in hands and has cloth in design within geometric and plants. And that shows they consider to cumulative beauty rather than the past.

                                55120500058 ; SURACHADA SILAWATANAWONGSE  


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